Welcome to the Linda Kim Piano Studios!  We believe in keeping piano lessons fun and upbeat, with music that kids love to hear and play.  Past recitals have featured themes such as Classical, Jazz, Blues and Rags, Disney, Pop, and Movie music, Cinco de Mayo theme, and Duets.  Our studio is centrally located on Oahu in Mililani Hawaii.


Spring costume recital entitled “Showtime”– a showcase of Disney, Pop, and Movie music.

The following is a summary of what can be expected from us:

  • Weekly individual instruction (30 min.)
  • Bi-annual theory exams
  • Studio recitals twice a year
  • 2-3 Casual performances a year
  • National Guild auditions

About Us:

Linda C. Kim founded this piano studio in 1980 and taught for over 25 years in Mililani.  She was loved by all who came to know her.  She passed away Dec. 26, 2008.  More about her can be found on the “Remembering Linda” tab on the home page.

Jennifer (Jenn) Kim has been teaching piano for 13 years.  She studied under Ramona Jones (her mother), Vera Withington, and Dr. Scott McCarrey.  Jenn received a BA in Piano Pedagogy (the study of teaching piano) from Brigham Young University-Hawaii.  She has been teaching at the Mililani studio for three years now.

Zui Kim (husband to Jenn) grew up in  Mililani and took piano lessons from his mother, Linda Kim, and later received a minor in Music from Brigham Young University.  Zui also loves to sing, play the ukulele and guitar.  As a business major, he runs the accounting and management of the business, and also substitute teaches when needed.

Email Jenn at if you would like to know more.  We’d love to hear from you!



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